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Powerful solution for delayed marriage

Powerful solution for delayed marriage

Powerful solution for delayed marriage

What is the astrological reason behind the delay in marriage and powerful solution for delayed marriage?

  1. Powerful solution for delayed marriage – For the astrological reason behind the delay in marriage, Saturn is known for delaying any work. Similarly, if it has any type of relationship with the 7th house (placement, aspect, or conjugates) than it is considered as a major reason.
  2. In addition, 7th house lord is weak in any case, viz- retrograde, combustor debilitate.
  3. Along with Venus/Jupiter is weak in the horoscope.
  4. Malefic planets combined
  5. Saturn (like Mars, Rahu) aspects 7th house is also a reason for late marriage in the horoscope.
  6. Saturn and Mars have a combined influence on the seventh house.
  7. The 7th house is vacant and not aspected by any planet.

What not to do to avoid delay in marriage

  1. Don’t wear any yantra without consulting your astrologer.
  2. If you are conducting any pooja or reciting any mantra for marriage, do not discontinue it. Do it at fixed time as far as possible.
  3. Avoid any argument with your parents or elderly relatives.
  4. 4. Avoid having kitchen in the North-east direction and taking food in drawing room.
  5. 5. Never sleep on metal cot
  6. 6. For the time being don’t keep mirror in your bed room, instead keep the good quality photograph of Shiva-Parvati together.
  7. 7. Marriageable age boys must sleep in bedrooms facing the North-East and for girls it should be north-west.
    The best results will be gained if the marriage seeker will perform this remedy him/herself. So, these are some remedies for the ones who are willing to marry. You can follow some of these measures as per your convenience. You need to spare some time to perform these remedies with positivity. I hope you will get married soon with your dream partner.

What to do to avoid delay in marriage

  • If a girl’s marriage is getting delayed, she should keep fast for sixteen consecutive Mondays and offer jalabhishek with sacred water in Shivling. She should dress up as Goddess Parvati, tie the knot between Shiva and Parvati and pray for early marriage. Marriage proposals will start pouring in.
  • The girls of marriageable age should recite following time tested mantra for early happy marriage. “Om katyayani mahabhage mahayoginy adhishvarim, Nand gop sutam devi patiam me kurute namah
  • Reciting Gauri Shanker Mantra is also helpful. ” Hey gauri shankra ardhangini yatha tawam shanker priya
    Tatha ma kuru kalyani kanta kantam sudur labham
  • The girl wanting to get married should feed green grass or spinach (Palak) to Cow regularly.
  • Some find it very useful to recite the following Chaupai of Saint Tulsidas 108 times each day till the wish is fulfilled. The mantra is:’Tab Janak pai vasishtha aayesu biyah saaj samvari key, Mandavi shrutkeerati Urmila kumari lai hankari key.’
  • Get the root of banana tree durіng an auspicious Mahurat (consult a priest) and energize it by worshipping it, then kеер it securely wrapped in a yellow cloth.
  • If a girl’s marriage is being delayed then she ѕhоuld wear a locket of Shivling made from Amber gemstone in her chain, so that it becomes visible to others. She will ѕооn attract a person of her liking.
  • On a Thursday, put 7 betel nuts in a yellow colored piece of cloth, 7 janeu, 7 knots of turmeric, seven pieces of gur (jiggery), 7 yellow flowers, 7 pieces of brass, and one fistful of gram pulse. Offer prayer to Maha Gauri and put the packets in your house. After marriage, float the pack in water.
  • Those with Rahu dosha should worship Goddess Durga. Doing so can remove all obstacles in marriage.
  • Worshipping at Navagraha temple where the deities are with consorts are installed will remove the delays in getting married.
  • There is a belief that by helping the poor people in their marriages financially or otherwise will help the helper in getting married easier.
  • Another procedure for removing delays in getting marriage is to perform Tulasi marriage.
  • There are also some specific temples in almost every part of India, where if appropriate offerings are made with belief and devotion, the marriage may take place easily and earlier.
  • Another belief is to light panchadeepa (five earthen lamps) with oil and do abhishek (sacred bathing) with turmeric powder, milk, etc, to Lord Ganapathi who is seated under Neem tree and pray sincerely to the deity. The result will bring a good spouse without much delay.
  • Persons who are in between 25-30 yrs of age bracket are advised to wear yellow-colored clothes every Thursday, religiously. They should offer milk and water to Shivling every Monday morning while chanting the following mantra up to 108 times- “Om Parvatipataye Namah”. Do this remedy until at least 9 Thursdays. 16. Individuals in 31-35 years of age bracket are advised to plant a banana tree outside their home. They must avoid consuming salt on Thursdays and chant “Om Brum Brhaspataye Namah” for at least 3 times in front of Vishnu idol.
  • Individuals of age gr0 yrs. are advised to get 108 bel patra leaves and write Lord Rama’s name with sandalwood paste. Now offer these bel patra leaves onto Shivling, while chanting- “Om Namah Shivay”.
  • To avoid delay in marriage the girl should offer water at a Peepal tree for 43 days and also light a Deepak there (pure ghee lamp). One should not do this on Sundays and during menstrual periods.
  • Boys and girls whose marriage is getting delayed should mix a little turmeric powder in their bath water and after taking the bath should put a tilak (holy spot) on the forehead with saffron .
  • In case of a girl’s marriage getting delayed, make her wear new clothes during marriage talks.
  • If you are short of good proposals to marry off the girl, give her to wear yellow clothes on Thursday and white clothes on Friday. If these clothes are new, that’s better. Do it for 4 weeks and you will surely get good marriage proposals worth considering?
  • If marriage negotiation is breaking down repeatedly after reaching to final stages, make it a point to put off shoes/slippers before entering the room where talks are taking place.
  • At the moment when bride’s side is entering prospective groom’s household for negotiation talk, girl’s parents and other well-wishers should put left or right foot first inside the house, depending upon the nostril from which they are breathing.
  • When the parents go for marriage negotiation to groom’s house, girl should keep her hair open, not tie them. She should also be happy and offer sweets to them..
  • If one reads verses related to the marriage of Shiva and Parvati in the Balkand of Ramcharit Manas every day, wishes of early marriage are fulfilled.

Why God Delays Marriage?

Some people think that our marriage gets delayed because of God. And some people said that God delays marriage for a reason. But in reality, planetary positions are a major reason for delays in marriage. At the time of our birth, some constellations and planets are in some position in the sky which has a wrong effect on us. Because of this, in the future, we have to face many problems related to marriage. So if you want to know what the remedy is, then we would like to tell you that these measures have been given by the same God whom you hold responsible for delaying your marriage.

What are the astrological remedies for overcoming delay in marriages?

It has been observed that the planet affecting marriage is mainly Jupiter. Jupiter is the only planet that causes the marriage to happen early or late in most cases, but this does not mean that other planets do not affect it. So today we are going to tell you the remedies for overcoming delay in marriage due to Jupiter. Now do these remedies to resolve all problems related to marri

Remedy for girl marriage

  1. Powerful solution for delayed marriage for girl – Offer turmeric mixed with water to the sun every morning and go to the religious place once a week.
  2. Normally, the marriage of men depends on the planet Venus, but because it is related to the wife, then it is necessary to take measures of Jupiter too after contacting an astrologer.

Marriage Remedy for Boy

  1. Powerful solution for delayed marriage for boy – Make a habit to get up early in the morning take a wash and chant Om Namah Shivaya 108 times in the morning and evening.
  2. Along with it if you drink and eat meat, then discard it.
  3. For more delay marriage remedy as per your horoscope or if you have any other inquiries feel free to approach our astrologer.

How to know Why your marriage is getting delayed?

If you are searching to know why my marriage is getting delayed? Then we would like to tell you that the reason behind this can be found only if you have your date of birth and along with it you know the accurate time of your birth, only then it can be known, why the marriage is not happening. Because as we have already told you that astrological reasons behind the delay in marriage can only be known after consulting an astrologer. And an astrologer cannot tell anything without having your birth details. Or unless he knows palmistry.

Palmistry is also a tool to predict the future through hand lines. So, in the event, you don’t know your birth details or you have doubts about your birth details. Then you can still get in touch with our astrologer. Because our astrologer also has knowledge of palmistry. So in this way, you can know why your marriage is getting delayed.

How to calculate marriage age in astrology and late marriage causes and effects?

Well calculating the marriage is not the biggest problem. It can easily do so. When you will take the help of our astrologer. Because as he has the proper knowledge and experience in this field and also knows that what are the signs due to which marriage gets delayed. As marriage age can get calculated on the basis of the date of birth. This method is very prominent in the numerology. Now we let you know that how marriage can get calculated in the following steps:

  1. He first calculates the total of your date of birth.
  2. Like, add on the year-date and month.
  3. Then after adding it when two digits number gets to appear.
  4. Then possibly it will your marriage age.

How to do pooja to overcome delay in marriage?

If you still not be able to find that person in your life with whom you feel that you will spend the whole of your life. Then you can take the help of our Pandit Ji. He can tell you the pooja that you have to perform once in a week. In order to solve your problem of marriage. You have to follow the instructions of our Pandit Ji while performing this pooja. The only thought that comes in your mind is what sort of person you want and you are getting closer to your finish point. With the help of this pooja, you can easily find your, future life partner.

  1. The first and the foremost thing that you have to do before sitting for the pooja is that collect all the ingredients.
  2. Then take a bath of turmeric and Chandan.
  3. Because it will purify your body and soul.
  4. Then after that wear yellow clothes.
  5. Because you have to perform this pooja on Thursday.
  6. Then attain the position of sidhi.
  7. At the end of the pooja. You will get to know its results. That either you will feel attracted towards someone or any of one can come into your life.
Free Vedic Astrology Predictions for Life

Free Vedic Astrology Predictions for Life

Facts you should know about Vedic Kundli/Janam Kundli

Vedic Kundli is an imprint of your characteristics, strengths, and weakness revealed by planetary alignment at the time of birth. While one’s life is not dictated by it, Vedic Kundli can certainly be used as a guiding tool to make conscious decisions and face situations without losing our sanity of mind.

The Truth of Astrology is a one-stop solution for a simple reason – it empowers you to take charge of your own life. Horoscope calculator or Vedic astrology calculator – whatever name one may choose to call it, this Vedic Kundli course offers it to you so that you learn not just to generate reports but to also understand the science behind such calculations.

12 Zodiac Name in Hindi and English

  1. Arise – एरीस – मेष
  2. Taurus – टोरस – व्रषभ
  3. Gemini – जैमिनी – मिथुन
  4. Cancer – कैंसर – कर्क
  5. Leo- लिओ – सिंह
  6. Virgo – वर्गो- कन्या
  7. Libra – लिब्रा – तुला
  8. Scorpio – स्कोर्पियो – वृश्चिक
  9. Sagittarius – सजिटेरियस – धनु
  10. Capricornus- कैप्रिकॉर्न – मकर
  11. Aquarius – एक्वेरियस – कुम्भ
  12. Pisces- पाइसेज- मीन

What is Horoscope or Birth Chart or Natal Report?

Horoscope is a snap shot of the sky and planetary positions at the birth time of a person. It tells about ones life past, present and future with the help of the placement of planets in various signs and stars.

What is the use of Horoscope?

By reading a Horoscope, one can predict so many life events and details from birth to death. In Vedic Astrology, we analyze Lagna Kundli (birth chart), Navamsha kundali, other divisional charts and Dasha system. Horoscope tells about one’s past and future. Placement of planets at the birth time indicates various life events. It also tells about one’s nature, behavior, physical features, life style, education, health, career, love, marriage, children etc. it also helps in solving problems we face in our life. Like health issues, delay in marriage, child birth, career problems etc.

Free Online Astrology Readings, Predictions, Horoscopes & Services

  1. Free Horoscope
  2. Kundali Milan
  3. Manglik Dosh
  4. Kalsarp Dosh
  5. Sade Sati
  6. GemStones
  7. Puja
  8. Mantra
  9. Yantra
  10. Panchang
  11. Baby Nakshatra
  12. Gand Mool Nakshatra
  13. Daily Horoscope
  14. Weekly Horoscope
  15. Monthly Horoscope
  16. Yearly Horoscope
  17. Love Compatibility
  18. Sun-sign Horoscope
  19. Moon Sign Horoscope
  20. Ram Prashnavali
  21. Saibaba
  22. Lalkitab
  23. Today Remedies
  24. Baby Names
  25. Ask Maa Durga
  26. Ashtami Puja
  27. Free Astrology Remedies
  28. Free Birthday Puja Prayers
  29. Free Ganesha Puja
  30. Free Gemstones Suggestions
  31. Free Remedial Report
  32. Celebrities
  33. Nakshatras
  34. Numero Compatibility
  35. Numerology Calculator
  36. Read Vedic Stories
  37. Remedial Wallpapers
  38. Send A Prayer

Get your Vedic Horoscope with life predictions online instantly for free.

Get your Janma kundali with predictions, yogas, doshas and dasha predictions

Indian Marriage, Ceremonies and Types - Know It All

Indian Marriage, Ceremonies and Types – Know It All

Indian Wedding, Traditions, Ceremonies and Types – Know It All

MisriSangeet PartyMehendiHaldi CeremonyMandapLaja HomaMangalsultraColorsAttire

Weddings in India are a league of their own. Big, lavish and lively! Marriages in India definitely make for the biggest events in a family. Most weddings in the country span anywhere from a couple of days to weeks, depending on the type of wedding planned and the number of related functions. This is what defines Indian weddings – lengthy, joyous occasions filled with multiple ceremonies, rituals and celebrations.

Of course the different cultures that are specific to different states and regions of the country add a unique flavor to the weddings here. They also differ in religious ideologies and different sects within the broader faith. Different traditions and rituals of marriage are followed in India, and a number of them are performed to accomplish a marriage. Moreover, a number of considerations are taken into account before choosing a prospective match.

The history of marriage In Indian tradition is centuries old. The culture of arranged marriage was given the utmost importance. Traditionally, marriages also known as Vivaha in Sanskrit, often took place between the bride and groom when they were adolescents. But today, this tradition is outlawed.

In arranged marriages, marriage proposals are sent to the prospective brides or grooms by the families. Horoscopes and the stars are matched between the potential match by a priest. And, when everything is in sync and the two families agree they go ahead with the preparation of the wedding process.

India is culturally diverse and is home to varied ceremonies. However, some common wedding traditions you’ll see in India are the engagement, the bridal Mehendi function (where the brides and other ladies of the family get henna patterns adorned on their hands and feet), the Haldi ceremony (where a paste of turmeric along with a combination of other mixtures is applied on the bride and the groom for beautification and blessings), the Sangeet (music and dance-filled extravaganza), the main wedding ceremony, the reception or the grihapravesh. All of these customs and traditions are either performed before, during or after the wedding.

Beyond these, when it comes to the preparation of weddings in India, it’s done in the best of one’s capacity. Be it the wedding dress, jewelry, food, decoration or arrangement, everything has to be just the perfect.

Types of Marriage, Shaadi, Weddding, Matrimony & Matrimonial

The fascinating fact about India is that it has 28 states and 9 union territories and hence Indian diaspora is huge and so is their traditions, in the marriage context. The entire spectrum of Hindu marriage itself is huge in India. Of course, different types of marriage customs are followed across the country. For instance, a south Indian wedding is not similar to a Bengali wedding or a Maharashtra wedding or a wedding in the north.

The Hindu wedding ceremony follows the Vedic rituals and the three main rituals Kanyadaan, Panigrahana and Saptapada. The first means the giving away of the bride by the father, second means the bride and groom holding hands in front of the fire and third the most significant one is the making seven rounds around the sacred fire. But every Hindu wedding doesn’t follow all rituals. It’s interesting to know how each state or region in the country differs when it comes to wedding celebrations.

The following are some of the traditional wedding customs that make Indian weddings so special.

  1. Misri
  2. Sangeet Party
  3. Mehendi
  4. Haldi Ceremony
  5. Mandap
  6. Laja Homa
  7. Mangalsultra
  8. Colors
  9. Attire

Every culture contributes it’s own characteristics to wedding traditions. Learning about different wedding customs from around the world is a great way to understand the lifestyles and special traditions of other cultures and even to better understand your own. Indian weddings have many unique customs so especially if you plan on attending one or throwing your own, it’s a great idea to gain a good understanding of what to expect.

How choose a Indian matrimony website for your partner search?

Why choose a matrimonial website for your partner search?

How choose a Indian matrimony website for your partner search?

Why Choose Indian Matrimonial sites of India to Find Your Dream Partner? Marriage is not an easy process. It is a spirited turning point in both women’s and men’s lives. You have to be more careful while choosing your life partner. Don’t forget your life partner will be with you in your happy or sad moments, successes & failure, up and downs every movement. The more flexible your life partner is with you, the happier life you will get.


We respect your privacy so that your data are highly secured in our hands. We created this sites mainly for Indians who are looking for marriage without any community oriented. The huge database offers young people the chance to browse for someone based on their tastes, and then filter it down to someone they could connect to

Reasons: Why you need to go with Matrimony sites of India

Quick and Easy

The most noteworthy edge of Matrimonial sites of India is the vast range of databases of each bride and groom profiles. If you registered yourself on the matrimonial website you will get a vast variety of profiles and you can choose the perfect one for you. You just need to fill out some simple details and they will show you so many profiles that meet your requirements.

Easy and Simple Registration Process

This is quite simple to register with a matrimonial website. You only need to fill in some mandatory and simple details such as name, age, gender, contact info. And you will get countless profiles according to your desired results.

100% Safe and Secured

Most of the sites are secured. The details you share with them will store in their database securely and safely. They have a very secure working process. These sites will never share your details without your permission. For more security, these matrimonial sites of India use privacy tools to protect your details and make sure that no will not miss using any of the information.

Consequential aspirant

These Indian matrimonial portal are not like dating websites. These websites contain details of the candidates who are serious about their life partner. They deal with the candidates with serious goals and consequent about their life partner.

Easily Reachable

Matrimonial websites work step by step. Generally, they start by sending a text message or by video calls before the meeting. These types of chats are helpful to know each other or reduce anxiety or awkwardness before the meeting. And they will be comfortable with each other.

No accommodation

This is another big advantage of matrimonial websites. You don’t need to compromise with any terms or agreements while choosing your right partner. You can go with a mate that is perfect for you. You only need to invest some time and have to clear about what exactly you are searching for.

Affordable Pricing & Plans

When it comes to paid subscriptions than matrimonial sites are very affordable. According to your requirements, these websites provide you a variety of plans. There are so many other ideas also available that are helpful to you to speed-up your searching process such as add-ons every month.

Horoscope and kundli matching

Matrimonial sites of India also provide the horoscope matching partner. Most parents are highly sensitive at the point of horoscope matching. So, these websites provide you this facility as well.

Open & Easy to Use Platform

Anyone can sign up with these websites anyhow of their community, caste, profession, or religion. These platforms allow all the candidates who are at a marriageable age. So, feel free to register if you are searching for your dream partner.

Personalized Services Offer

These matrimonial sites provide you with an easy and simple search journey. You have any time option for paid personalized offerings. For more extra ultra-fine matches, better results buy a customized provider and help you to find a better result. And even you can also view the contact information of different matching profiles.

24×7 Expert Advice

Some of the matrimonial websites assign supervisors that take care of your profiles and contact other registered members whose profiles match your requirements. And some way they also share your contact info with them and also arrange your first meeting.

Search for the perfect life partner is very important because that is the person who will go with you your whole life. So, find the right person for you without any hurdle with We provide your vast variety of religious peoples according to your requirements. So, don’t think much about anything, register today with, we are always there to help you.

Nadi Astrology - What is Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology – What is Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology – What is Nadi Astrology

Nadi Astrology is a form of Dharma astrology practiced in Tamil Nadu, Kerala and adjacent regions in India. Basically, the Nadi palm leaves are located based on the thumb impressions (right for men, left for women). There are 150 Nadi’s in a sign; each sign is 30 degrees of the zodiac 360. Twelve signs of zodiac are grouped into three categories: Movable (Chara), Fixed (Sthira) and Dual (Dvisvabhava) signs. The phraseology of 150 Nadis is distinctive to each of these three types of signs. There are 1,800 Nadis in 360 degrees. Numbers and names of Nadi’s are similar among all four Chara signs. Among all four Sthira signs, numbers and names of Nādis are alike, but numbering is peculiar from those in Chara and Dvisvabhava signs. Further, numbering of Nadi’s in all four Dvisvabhava signs are similar among themselves, but different from Chara or Sthira signs.

Nadi texts utilize the concept of Nadi as the fundamental unit for foresight. That is why they are called “Nadi amshas“. Nadi leaves were not only utilized for herbal and medicinal purposes but also used for future prediction. The foredoom written on the leaf is in form of poems in ancient Tamil, same as the language used in ancient temple of Tamil Nadu.

The fundamental procedure of these Nadi or Samhita scripts have never been illustrated in these texts, hence astrologers are restricted to predict only what they already retained, and are dumb-founded when they do not possess the needed leaf about some specific person.

When predictions are based on Nadi’s in which ancestors and planets are placed; it refers the combined finalization of all sixteen divisional charts are being told. Hence, Nadi Astrology is the most explained and accurate method. But it requires highly exact birth time, and it also necessitates knowledge of genuine Nadi texts, most of which are undeclared, and the guardians do not allow others to see the manuscripts. The same is the case with Samhita scripts in North India, such as Bhrigu Samhita or Ravana Samhita.

Here are a few truths about Nadi Astrology that you must know –

  • Nadi Astrology originates from Souther India and several leaves were found to be preserved in the Saraswati Mahal Library in Tanjore, Tamil Nadu. Many Brahmin astrology communities are known to possess these leaves as well. Some of these bundles are ‘exported’ to cities in other parts of India like Delhi, Mumbai, etc on a temporary, rotating basis. Most original Nadi centres are in remote rural interiors of Tamil Nadu where Hindi or even English is understood very little and access is difficult for common people, etc.
  • Nadi Astrology gives details of one’s past very correctly including personal details but is inaccurate about future. This is because complete future is known to God alone! No branch of astrology can foretell future that is 100% correct. Therefore, expecting this is foolish. Rishis who wrote on the Nadi leaves were known have had visions about a person in detail ‘till that person approaches a nadi leaf reader and gets his past, present decoded’. Future life of that person was written broadly and in advisory capacity. Remedies (called parihar) to offset/minimize evils are given more importance. These rishis wanted that when a person gets his leaf read, gets his future brief and then performs remedies.
  • Chances of locating ‘your’ leaf are 10%. Yes. For a customer who wants to get his future read, this answer is probably 10-15% as one nadi centre cannot keep lakhs of prints. However, we have an-India network with most genuine Nadi centres and chances of locating your leaf are probably 70-80%.
How to meet your perfect life partner in online matrimonial
Matrimony and Matrimonial Site in Australia

Matrimony and Matrimonial Site in Australia

Shaadi, Marriage, Wedding, Vivah, Matrimony and Matrimonial Site in Australia

Matrimonial Profile Registration is free of cost-and the prospects need to have an access to online matrimonial websites through Internet connection.

Australia Matrimony Site For Indian Hindu, Sikh, Brahmin Brides & Grooms In Australia Who Are Looking For Partner Search. Matrimony & Matrimonial Site In Australia.

A successful marriage requires falling in love many times, always with the same person. – Mignon McLaughlin

People say ours is an arranged marriage. In a way, our meeting was arranged by our parents but eventually it was the two of us who decided on the marriage. We met and went out together for a few times. We dated for a while and then agreed to marry… – Madhuri Dixit

Why Australia online matrimony websites are getting so popular:

  1. Free Profile Registration
  2. Many choices options
  3. Convenience
  4. Short List and Forward Facility
  5. Affordability
  6. Send Free Express Interest
  7. Neutrality
  8. Consumer Experience
  9. 24×7 Customer Support
Free Gursikh Matrimonial Nishkam Sewa

Free Gursikh Matrimonial Nishkam Sewa

Free Gursikh Matrimonial Nishkam Sewa

Indian Sikh Matrimonial Website With Thousands Of Sikh, Gursikh Brides And Grooms Profiles In Punjab And Elsewhere In India, Canada, USA, UK.  If You Want To Help In Your Marriage? Add your matrimony profile FREE!

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Features and advantages of Online Matrimonial in India –

Personalized Services

Assisted Services – Personalized Gursikh Matchmaking Services. Our Matrimonial Relationship Manager Will Help You Find A Perfect Sikh Life Partner.

Cheapest Matrimony Sites in USA

Cheapest Matrimony Sites in USA

Cheapest Matrimonial Sites in USA – Indian Matrimony Service in USA · Search by Popular Matchmaking Sites

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Widow Women For Marriage

Widow Women For Marriage

Widow Girl For Marriage/Shaadi

If You Are Looking For Widow Brides (Girls)? Search Your Perfect Widow Brides, Girls For Shaadi/Marriage On Matrimony Indians. The Most Trusted Matrimonial Website for Widow, Widower. 100% Mobile Verified Profiles. Register Free to Find Your Life Partner!

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