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Importance of Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Importance of Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Importance of Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Trust is the foundation of every happy and healthy relationship. For a successful marriage, you must ensure that you know everything about your partner and family background before getting married. If any small or big secret is found after getting married, be it related to past, family problem, illness, financial situation etc. it can lead to stress, disputes and even divorce in some cases. Ultimately, it’s a matter of whole life and you would like to be cent per cent sure before taking any decision. In such cases, hiring a detective agency for Pre Matrimonial Investigation can be a smart choice.

In case of arrange marriage or even love marriage when families of potential partners don’t know about each other. There’s always some insecurity and people try to do informal background checks.

Pre Matrimonial investigation by professionals provides you security of mind by ensuring that you are marrying the right person without revealing your identity. In poor cases, it can save you from an upcoming disaster in your life.

There are two ways of doing Pre Matrimonial Investigation. One way is a general enquiry about the prospectus partner about character, financial and social status, education qualifications, past marriages, habits etc. Another way is taking the potential partner into a surveillance or shadowing their daily outdoor activities.

Here is the list of major facts that you should get Pre Matrimonial Investigation done about your potential partner before getting married:

Background Check

Pre Matrimonial Investigation helps you know the daily routine, habits, social circle and your potential partner’s image in the society. A basic character of a person is investigated in this.

Social and financial status of the family

In India, it is believed that marriage is not just between the Groom and the Bride. It is also between two families. Therefore, knowing the reputation of the family in society is very important. It is also important to verify that the Bio-Data of your potential partner is accurate. Investigation helps you to know the total sum of assets and debts on the family. You need to be sure that family you are tying up with is in no debt.

Past Relationship/present affair

Investigation helps you to find out if your potential partner is having an affair while looking for a partner to marriage or any past relationship which can effect yours after marriage life. In some cases, it happens that parents are looking for a partner for their child and your potential partner is in another relationship or any past relationship still have any effect on your potential partner’s life.

Any physical/mental illness

If any major illness is discovered in a partner after marriage or any issue with mental health or behavioural problem is caught it can cause a  life long problem to you and relationship won’t be compatible enough. Pre Matrimonial Investigation has proven methods to find these crucial details out.

Alcohol/Drug Habits

No one would tell you before marriage if he/she is addicted to any drug or alcohol as it would cause a bad impression but discovery of such truth after marriage may discomfort you. Investigation of such truth before marriage is very crucial.

Any Criminal Record

Before making a life long bond with anyone it is important to be sure that the potential partner has a clean criminal record. This is ensured by us by investigating through various methods such as investigating in the neighbourhood and checking various official records.

Past Marriage and reason for divorce

In case of a second marriage, there might be a possibility that your potential partner is hiding the reason for divorce. Knowing the right reason is important as the same reason may also effect your marriage in the future. Investigation in the neighborhood, court, with lawyers and through various other sources is done to verify the information provided by your potential partner. Sometimes, the ex-partner is also contacted to know the reason.

Transparency in marriage is very important to maintain a peaceful and stable life long relationship. Pre Matrimonial Investigation ensures trust and security in marriage. Matrimonial sites such as matrimonyindians.com, matrimonialindians.com etc are very good in finding the partner but the information provided is needed to be verified and trust is needed to be built as potential partners and their family doesn’t have any common connection or know each other. Without proper investigation, marriage becomes a gamble.

5 Signs That You Need A Post Matrimony Investigation

5 Signs That You Need A Post Matrimony Investigation

5 Signs That You Need A Post Matrimony, Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is considered a sacred bond throughout the global community. However, when the glitz and glamour of marriage rituals and the rose-tinted essence of the honeymoon period is over, things can take an uncanny turn. Although quarrels and bickering amongst conjugal partners are quite normal, too much of it can lead to an invisible distancing too hard to be broken. At times, even fights don’t lead to it. While infidelity in post-marriage may be one of the highest cases for a divorce, there might be other issues as well such as sexual orientation, arranged marriage, etc. that may leave your marriage cold.

So, if you are wondering, here are 5 tell-tale signs that point at post matrimonial investigation for your marriage.

1. Change in Phone Usage Patterns

This may sound silly, but using too much phones, taking or making calls behind your back, always being active on chats but not responding to you, deleting chats, installing new phone locks and being shady about telling you the password can all be red alerts for you to take the help of a private investigator. Being in a conjugal relationship, it is your right to know the truth so never hesitate or shy away from asking for help from a private investigator. At least through their end-to-end assistance you may get the closure you were looking for in your marriage.

2. Telling Lies

One of the most common signs that you may need the help of private investigators for a post-matrimonial investigation is that your spouse turns into a compulsive liar. They may not only be lying about missing your call but even their whereabouts, who they meet, communicate with, and practically their entire day. Soon they may even lie to you about how they feel about you. Their expressions of affection may become just a facade for what they are really concealing.

3. Long Working Hours

This is a classic red flag which demands your attention. If your partner often gives you excuses of working long hours or going to frequent business trips, chances are they are lying and you should look into it. And while your access may only be their social media profile or their phones, it’s best to consult a private investigation service who can help you with the right data via deeper insights, surveillance and undercover services. That way, you will get the answers you seek faster and also from reliable sources.

4. Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy in a conjugal relationship is a significant sign of your partner’s disinterest towards you. And this may be due to several reasons which lie beyond infidelity.

For instance, in a society like India where even now children are betrothed to partners chosen by parents and honour killing is somehow prevalent, there are many individuals who do get married just to avoid the chaotic and drastic confrontation with their parents.

So, even after marrying you, they may still be in love with their previous lover or may simply not be in love with you. Another factor is they may be concealing their sexual orientation. But, whatever the reason, it does not mean that you would have to suffer in an unsatisfactory marriage. So, if there is a lack of sexual intimacy in your relationship, it is best to get a post matrimonial investigation to get to the bottom of what is going on.

5. Giving The Cold Shoulder

If your partner is turning cold towards you, understand that there is nothing wrong with you but they are having certain things under wraps. If your person is behaving as if nothing is wrong and yet purposefully ignoring any communication except general pleasantries or telling you to lock the door behind them, etc. then they may be finding that particular affection and communication somewhere else. So, instead of breaking your head on why they are giving you the cold shoulder or whether you have done something wrong, seek post matrimonial investigation of a licensed private detective who can bring you the answers you seek.

Final Thoughts

You want to get married only when you are in for the long haul. But when your partner starts demonstrating suspicious characteristics or even rude behavior just to avoid you, understand that there must be things in their life you don’t have control over or are not conscious of.

And the more you choose to stay in such marriage due to social conformity or even family, the unhappier you will be. So, at times like this, when you cannot even trust the person closest to you, seek the assistance and guidance of a private investigator who would not help you gain more clarity but also may even help with legal separation or divorce.