Take these measures to protect the house and furniture from the attack of fungus during the rainy season

Monsoon House Cleaning: Take these measures to protect the house and furniture from the attack of fungus during the rainy season

Monsoon House Cleaning Coming in contact with fungus fungus can cause problems of eyes, skin and lungs. So if they have been attacked in your house or on the furniture, then how can you get rid of them, just know about it.

Mold and fungus can grow on furniture, household items and clothing during the rainy season. They can also come into the house by sticking to open doors, windows, skylights, clothes and shoes. Apart from this, paper products, cardboard, ceiling tiles, wood and things made from them also provide a favorable environment for mold and fungus to grow. Mold growth often appears as spots, which can vary in color and smell.

Which can spoil the whole look of your expensive furniture along with the house. Molds such as Trichoderma viridi, Chetomium globosum and Aspergillus brasilensis try to survive in indoor spaces, such as on furnishing materials. Their odor can be strong or bad and can cause headache, itchy nose, dizziness, fatigue and nausea. Clothing stuck to the moldy material, such as curtains, carpets, bedding, mattresses can also be affected by it.

Keep the house dry and check for leaks regularly

Preventing leakage or damping can help prevent mold from growing. If there is any slight leakage, get it repaired immediately.

Improve home ventilation

Mosquitoes and flies also increase a lot during the rainy season, due to which people keep the windows and doors of the house closed. So only for a short time but open them. So that air and light can reach even those places where there is a high possibility of fungus and fungus growing. This also keeps the temperature of the house cool in which molds do not grow. Cross ventilation can be of great help in keeping the house cool. Keep furniture away from the walls and try to keep the doors of small rooms, closets and toilets open to allow cool air to enter the room.

Disinfect frequently

Spray couches, curtains, and soft furniture with a disinfectant spray to kill molds, which get rid of foul-smelling mold and fungus. It is also important to dry everything thoroughly after disinfecting. Also read the directions on the spray along with what it is safe to use. Savlon Surface Disinfectant Spray smells fresh and can be used on clothing as well as Surface.