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Reasons for Increasing Divorce Rate in India

Reasons for Increasing Divorce Rate in India

Increasing Divorce Rate in India 

According to the report by United Nations, it has been revealed that the number of divorces has been doubled over the past two decades.

Furthermore, the worldwide pandemic situation has created a new work-from-home culture and it has brought families together but it has also increased the divorce rate in India.

The most common reasons for divorce or separation are the following:


The lack of work, not having reached the dreamed goals, pending accounts, etc., makes many of the couples think that if each one lives separate lives and starts over, everything will be different. But really what happens is that this behavior carries over to the next relationship.

Relations with in-laws

Nearly 68% of married couple stays with the parents. As they say, marriage in India is with families. While the families can help sustain a marriage, they also are the root cause of divorce in many cases. The degrading relations within laws often lead to divorce. The most common cause being the relation between mother in law and daughter in law.

When the relations worsen and become toxic, marriages dissolve. There are many cases where extreme involvement from a girl’s family has resulted in divorce.


As the years go by, one becomes more maniacal, one sleeps in separate rooms, daily habits become more and more annoying. It is very convenient to find and respect the limits of each one to overcome the situation.

A Bad Beginning

On many occasions the phase of falling in love is charming, one sees the other part of the couple as one would like it to be and not as it really is. The problem is that sooner or later one must face the harsh reality.

When love really exists there are no guarantees for good or bad, it is like a lottery if you are lucky you win.

Professional Competence

The ideal is to function as a true team of couples and be clear about the personal project, leaving aside who of the two has the most important position, who earns the best salary, or who has more professional recognition.

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