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Tips How To Impress A Man To Marry You in India

Tips How To Impress A Man To Marry You in India

Tips How To Impress A Man To Marry You in India

We all have that one special person that we think is a perfect match for us. Certainly, the best next step in such a great relationship is marrying that person. But marriage is a two-way business. And if you want a man to marry you, you’ll have to create a lasting impression on him with your personality.

To make this task easier, we have created the shortest to-do list on how to impress a man to marry you. So if you really want to impress your perfect match, keep reading!

Here is The Tips How To Impress A Man To Marry You:-

Ask when you don’t know

If you’re afraid to ask him something, how will he ever feel like he can truly communicate to you? Not only this, but if you never ask him the things you are curious about, you’ll often end up looking for answers on your own, which leads to assumptions.

Respect him

If he has boundaries, don’t cross them. If he values privacy in certain areas, observe it. If there is something you dislike about him, don’t go complaining to your family and girlfriends about it, behind his back. There are many examples, but the main point is that you RESPECT him, so that he can feel valued, appreciated, and upheld.

Understand your role

You might feel that it is hard to fully know your partner. It is in comfort and friendship that your man can start trusting you. So you just need to focus on these few key aspects of your relationship and a great friendship can lead to a great, long-lasting partner.

Accept responsibility in a fight

Every relationship has its moments where they are disagreements and fights. The difference between a healthy relationship that encourages a man to marry you, and an unhealthy marriage that pushes a man away is this: blame or responsibility.

Love yourself

True happiness can only be found from within. You might take this for granted but being yourself and letting your partner see the real you is always the best path to take. This will surely help avoid surprises for both him and you. And, of course, try to break the routine by enjoying life by yourself every once in a while.


Certainly, without realizing the true meaning and value of marriage, your man may never want to settle down. Make sure that you and your partner occasionally hang out with some of your married friends. Any happily married couple will make him see how much better settling down can be.

Be financially dependent

It can help a man to know that you aren’t going to take every last penny he has. Some men fear marriage, because they are afraid of losing all of their money (in a divorce, or even just because of a wife’s spending).


Be sure to keep communicating with your partner because as long as communication is possible, damage can be undone. And by communicating, you’re letting your partner realize their importance in your life. Obviously, if you don’t make an effort to help resolve issues, the negative aspects of your relationship will always outweigh the positive.

Trust him

Don’t be scared that he’s going to run off with some other woman, or that he’s lying to you about everything.

Surprise him

The element of surprise in a relationship keeps him interested and gives him a reason to stick around for the long run, because it shows that you still have lots left to offer that he doesn’t even know about.

Prove you are committed

Stay with him mentally, physically, and intimately no matter what.