You must know these things before adding a relationship

Relationship Jul 29, 2021
You must know these things before adding a relationship

Before adding a relationship, you must know these things that :-

There are many such truths that will be known after marriage, you will find out today and we will help you to find out this truth.

  1. Has the boy given his education and age correct or not?
  2. Does the boy have his own house or rent?
  3. Does the boy really do job or business or not?
  4. Is the boy in a relationship with someone else?
  5. Is the boy physically and mentally fit or not?
  6. Is the boy getting married under the pressure of his parents?
  7. The boy does not drink alcohol, cigarettes, or any intoxicant every day?
  8. What would the boy’s neighbors and friends say about him?
  9. Is there any police case going on against the boy?
  • Will your future daughter-in-law or wife respect you or not?
  • Isn’t she one of the club or party girls?
  • Does your future daughter-in-law not drink alcohol or cigarettes?
  • Won’t she separate your son from all of you?
  • Is he not older than your son in age?
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