The Perfect Age To Get Married

The Perfect Age To Get Married

Science and logic explain that 28 – 32 Age is actually the best age to tie the knot. If you are wondering why and how, well, we have some reasons to furnish.

Tasting the Buffet

By the time you reach the age of 28 – 32 you have eaten 3 course meal of promiscuity and monogamy. You have dated a lot and by now you know what you like and dislike in your partner. This gives you the ability to make a good choice and make sure your relationship doesn’t get sour.

Ain’t no place like home

Urban India’s real estate pricing is sky rocketing. However the good thing is, Indians are getting into job by 24 or 25 years of age. So going by the equation, by 28 – 32 men at least own a home of their own or earn well to afford a good home. And also by this time, one knows what he wants to do in life and where to get settled.


The first five years of any career need some serious head-down focus. The addition of another person, sharing your life, will inevitably detract from that tunnel-versioned ambition. After 28 – 32, you’re more likely to have a solid grip of your expertise and succeed in a bifocal approach to life. You never want to be the guy who has to admit your career killed your relationship.

Know yourself better

After you join your job, you start understanding your passion and perseverance. You can be a better judge of everyday situations when you pass 28. Going by passion, people get married in their early 20s, only to realize it’s not working out after 30s.

Widen the age gap

As women on average marry at a younger age than men, which means blessed age gaps. The larger age gap means you are less likely to have a mid-life crisis at 60, buy a Bentley and trade wife in for a younger model. So by staving off marriage, you’re saving yourself from divorce. It’s really very clever.

Bed bound honeymoon

Men worry that sex dwindles immediately after tying the knot. But if you’re marrying a sweetheart of a similar age, shortly after 28 – 32, your nuptials will coincide with her sexual peak, ensuring a deliciously bed-bound honeymoon.

Extended lone time

You can finally make your friends with their wives jealous. Plan a few backpack tours to Latin America and African coastline.

So do all your prioritized tasks by 28 – 32. Once you are done with them, it’s finally time for you to ring the bells.

Family time

Once the ring is on the finger you have no defense when families start interrogating you about when you’re planning on having kids. Because, quite simply, it’s the Next Step. Daniel, 28 – 32 and father of two said, “We got married at 26 and two years later buckled. I obviously love them and don’t regret having them but I could have done with a few… a lot.. more years of not worrying about nappies.”

Wedding plans

If you have the first wedding out of all your friends, you set the bar — and anyone can supersede it. Marriage after 30 means you’ve learnt from the mistakes of others and can now throw the blow-out wedding of a century (or decide you’d rather spend those thousands elsewhere).

You’ve been professionally living your social life for an extended period so you KNOW how to party. Any organizational glitches — like family breakdowns over budgeting and you can call your mates to tell you “It’s normal if the bride cries once a week in the 9 month run-up to the event.”

You won’t repeat mistakes of your divorced friends

Couples, who got married at a ripe age of 20s, have a chance of getting divorced within 6-7 years of marriage. So you would get enough time to cheer them up and understand what went wrong. You are not only confident, but know well, how to save your marriage.