Attention – Are your children not Manglik

Double Manglik, Manglik Aug 1, 2021
Attention - Are your children not Manglik

Attention ! Are your children double Manglik…?

Panigrahan Sanskar is one of the main rites of the householder’s ashram, that is why parents should think deeply about the Manglik Dosh along with the Melapak thought in the horoscope of the bride and groom at the time of marriage. It has been seen many times that even after the end of Manglik Dosha, some astrologers do not give advice for marriage, whereas astrology is of the opinion that one of the Varkanyas should be Manglik and the other should not be Manglik, but if Manglik Dosh is avoided due to the influence of other planets. If it happens then there will be no problem in married life.

There is only one common formula for Manglik Dosh that ‘Lagne Vayaye Cha Patale Jamitre Chashtme Kuje. Kanya Bharturvinashay Bharta wife destroyed. That is, the presence of Mars in any of the first house, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house and twelfth house of the birth chart makes the horoscope auspicious. In Manglik horoscopes, if Mars is in Taurus or Libra in the first house, then it has a bad effect on the health of the person, such a person is angry, quarrelsome and stubborn, so take special care of Manglik Dosh related to this house.

If Mars is in the fourth house, it deprives the parents of happiness, it also has to face the opposition of the family members, but Mars of the self-housed or exalted zodiac becomes very auspicious by destroying the Manglik Dosh. The Manglik Dosh created by Mars in the seventh house should be discussed with great detail, because if Mars is in the karaka or enemy sign, then there will be a strong possibility of two marriages for the person, even here if they are self-occupied or exalted, then the person will provide all the happiness. We do.

Self-occupied or exalted Mars in the eighth house gives good health and longevity, but being in a debilitated or enemy zodiac sign increases the possibility of misery and loss of money in married life and Mars in Leo gives a life partner who speaks harsh words. Mars in the twelfth house indicates bitterness and destruction of wealth in married life, such a person incurs his loss by his own deeds. Even if he is self-possessed or exalted, it makes the person very ambitious, such a person can also be misguided. Therefore, there is an absolute need for deep contemplation on the horoscope of mangliks.

Birth Chart with double Manglik Dosha When Mars is in the house that creates its Manglik Dosh, it is also debilitated or if any malefic planet is sitting with it, then that birth chart becomes double Manglik Dosh, whose side effects increase, so much discussion Only after this Manglik birth charts should be considered for marriage.

Easy Avoidance of Manglik Dosh If the man’s birth chart is Manglik and the woman’s horoscope was in the same Manglik house, if there is Sun in anyone, then the birth chart becomes free from Manglik defect and marriage remains good. Similarly, if Mars is in the last house of Aries, in the fourth house of Scorpio, in the seventh house of Taurus, in the eighth house of Aquarius and in the twelfth house of Sagittarius, then there is no Manglik defect. If Jupiter is exalted and is in the ascendant, then the Manglik defect is avoided.

If Mars is sitting in the house in which the horoscope is considered auspicious, if Saturn is sitting in any of the same houses, then the Manglik defect is avoided and that marriage is considered auspicious. If there are benefic planets in the Kendra and trikona house and inauspicious planets in the third, sixth and eleventh house and the seventh lord is in the seventh house, then Manglik dosha is also avoided. If there is Mars in the seventh house and Jupiter is aspecting them, then the Manglik defect is also avoided.

If Jupiter and Mars are together or Moon is in Kendra, then Manglik Dosha gets destroyed. In Manglik house, even if Mars is in Chara Rashi, then Manglik Dosh is considered to be avoided. In the house which is called Manglik in the horoscope, if any of the planets Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are there in any horoscope, whether it is of manglik bride or groom, then Manglik dosha ends.