7 tips to help you find ‘the one’ on Indian matrimony sites

7 tips to help you find 'the one' on Indian matrimony sites

7 tips to help you find ‘the one’ on Indian matrimony sites

7 tips to help you find ‘the one’ on Indian matrimony sites

The world of online matrimonial websites can open up a whole plethora of choices that were not present earlier. Distance is no longer a constraint in finding your life partner if you dare to ‘login’ with the right intent.

Here are some tips to navigate the space while making the best of what it provides.

1. Do not judge a book by its cover

So you met this seemingly perfect guy online – his profile photo seems nice enough and he has completed his profile where he says he is a ‘super successful banker’ with a ‘fat bonus’. The irony of the online world is that usually two kinds of people put in the effort to create a good profile with a lot of care and attention – those with serious intent and those who are lying. You won’t know whether the person you are interested in is genuine or not, until you invest more time and effort.

2. Do your research

Once you like someone’s profile, do not make a hasty decision and connect or express interest. Google, Facebook and LinkedIn are your best friends here. If the profile has the full name, then it is best to look them up online. Many times, just the name might not be enough especially if it is not unique. Search for the name along with their educational institute or work place or work industry. Also scroll through the first four to five pages of Google search results so as not to miss any news report buried somewhere about his/her past. Many new generation matrimony and dating sites now have a mandatory registration using the Facebook or LinkedIn ID, while also providing the number of friends a person has and whether the profile seems genuine.

3. Do not hesitate to make the first move

The idiom ‘fortune favors the brave’ is very apt while looking for your potential partner or even a simple date online. Now that you have liked someone’s profile and also found that his social profile seems genuine, the only way to really know the person is to initiate contact. Most websites have both the ‘express interest’ and ‘connect’ options. While the former is good to subtly show your intent and see what comes back, the latter is much better at expressing seriousness of intent. So go ahead and show that you are interested in having some connect with the person.

4. Chat sensibly

There are two kinds of people when it comes to online interactions. The extroverts who prefer the spoken word and very quickly insist that it is best to connect on a phone call and the introverts who prefer to chat / SMS for a while before speaking or meeting. It does not matter what the other person says, do what makes you comfortable. If your instinct says that you would want to know more about how he/she behaves before taking it to the next level, then choose to chat. This is a great opportunity to ask more questions, get to know their interests, education history, work history and basic compatibility before connecting at a deeper level. This information can now be used on social networks to verify what you already know.

5. Be on your guard

It is best not to drop your guard until the person’s work profile / education can be confirmed on Facebook or LinkedIn. While this does not provide any guarantee that it is true, it gives a higher degree of comfort to see a large professional network or large friends circle, with recommendations or testimonials, all indicating that the profile is genuine. It is also best not to talk about your family’s wealth or the seniority of your parent’s job profile or your own income, as proud as you may be of these things. Speak on the phone and then meet the person for coffee a few times before going out for a longer outing such as dinner. This provides the opportunity to observe the person in different environments and contexts.

6. Manage your emotions

One thing to remember is that despite reaching this stage, you never know where this is headed until more formal discussions happen. While finding a partner to date or marry is a highly emotional decision that forms a significant part of your life, don’t go ‘all in’ until both of you are clear about your intentions and about where the relationship is headed. Setting yourself up with the right kind of expectations is going to hold you in good stead. Of course, be emotionally invested – but control the extent to which you are willing to go for this person, until you are formally in a relationship.

7. Invest the time

Lastly, while the online world opens up these options, it also means hundreds of useless profiles to go through. It is not for those who are not willing to put in the time or the money to find the right person. There are the new matrimony and dating sites tailored for the urban, busy professionals, which take the effort to curate and provide a smaller list of profiles. Despite that, you need to put in the time to connect, chat, meet and then make the decision yourself.

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How to beat the heat to sleep well in summers

How to beat the heat to sleep well in summers

How to beat the heat to sleep well in summers

We are quite aware of the importance of enough sleep in our fast-paced lives, and we also know our health can decline and the mind can go numb with an unhealthy sleep cycle.

If the summer heat is hindering your sleep making you wake up all groggy and grouchy, this article is for you.

Here are some tips to sleep better in the summer

Shower before going to bed

  1. A shower will cool you off and make you feel calmer.
  2. High temperature in the air or in the body makes it uncomfortable for us to sleep.
  3. Do not use very cold water as it decreases the blood flow momentarily, making you feel cool, but a few minutes later you’ll feel hot again.
  4. Instead, a warm shower will help release your body heat.

Sleeping position matters

  • Better to sleep solo and spread out on the bed.
  • Curled position warms up the body and might hinder your sleep.
  • Letting your limbs spread out allows your body to release the heat and not retain it as it does in the latter position.
  • A cooler body will help you sleep more peacefully. Try sleeping in a larger bed if possible.

Water and towel to the rescue

  1. Hot days demand us to drink lots of water. Water mellows the heat and cools us off from within.
  2. Wrap some ice in a towel and place it in the bed to feel cool while sleeping.
  3. However, remove the ice pack if you feel too cold.
  4. Wipe with or put a cold towel on your wrists, ankles, neck, inner elbows, underarms, and behind knees.

Sleep hypnosis

  • Sleep hypnosis works on a person’s mind to achieve better sleep.
  • It aims to identify the negative habits related to sleep and fix the root of the problem.
  • Once these issues are fixed, the person can then sleep better.
  • It involves visualizing calm images and may encourage sleep hygiene improvements to develop healthier sleep routines by following a consistent sleep schedule.

Sleep in a cool, dark room

  1. A hot room won’t allow you to sleep well. So switch off the lights early to reduce warmth from the bulbs.
  2. You can keep the windows open to allow for natural ventilation. But use a cooler or AC if it gets too hot.
  3. Use cooling fabrics for your bedsheets and PJs.
  4. Also, shut the drapes to cool down the room and darken it.
5 tips on how to get over your crush

5 tips on how to get over your crush

5 tips on how to get over your crush

Are you still moping over your lost crush? Let us help you. Besides the things you love about your crush, ask yourself if you share common traits.

Stop idealizing them and try to look at them in an objective way. Do you see the differences and realize you would not want a long-term relationship with them? Congratulations, it is time to move on.

Distract yourself

  • Distract yourself with other things but don’t go looking to fall for a new person!
  • Indulge in an existing hobby or watch good movies, maybe avoid the romantic ones for a while, but binge away on OTTs.
  • Take a trip–travel helps a lot as you go to new places and meet new people.
  • Your life might just turn around from the tour!

Talk about your feelings to a friend

  • Bottling up your feelings will not help you in any way, but rather push you toward depression.
  • Own up to what you are feeling. Let yourself feel sad knowing that your crush does not feel the same way as you.
  • Share your feelings with a friend, discuss with them if they’ve been in a similar situation, and if so how did they overcome it.

Give importance to yourself

  • Make yourself feel special. Do the things you love and enjoy.
  • Pamper yourself with some self-care, meditate to calm the mind, and eat the foods you love.
  • Go get a fancy haircut to feel expensive, or go shopping for a new pair of shoes or clothes that you totally don’t need!
  • This will give you the confidence that you are enough by yourself.

Distance yourself from your crush

  • Minimize contact with the person and if possible create physical distance from the person.
  • If you work together or are in the same class, try not to sit with them.
  • If you know about their routine, change yours so that you don’t end up meeting them too often.
  • Ever heard of the saying out of sight out of mind? It applies well here!

Friendship is not a consolation prize

  • You might want to be friends with the person just to make them a part of your life.
  • But remember it will only make things harder for you.
  • Get closure over your “relationship status” which was never there in the first place.
  • Although it is difficult to end something that never began, look for ways to gather the situation and work an ending.

Best Night Face Creams in India for Indian Skin Types

Best Night Face Creams in India for Indian Skin Types

Our skin health is reflected by what we eat and how we care for our skin. Having a good morning and night care regimen ensures that the skin is well taken care of. Especially after an entire day of exposure to the sun, dust and pollution, our skin goes through a lot and a good night routine provides the care it needs.

The idea behind applying a night cream is to help your skin repair itself over the night as you rest so that you can wake up looking fresh and replenished.

Most good night creams have antioxidants and other anti-wrinkle ingredients such as retinol, which slow down the natural process of aging and give us a younger appearance.

Here are the best night creams in India that you can choose from. The list is in no particular order of preference.

  1. Lakme Absolute Perfect Radiance Skin Lightening Night Creme
  2. L’Oreal Paris White Perfect Night Cream
  3. VLCC Snigdha Skin Whitening Night Cream
  4. The Nature’s Co White Tea Night Cream
  5. Garnier Skin Naturals Light Complete Night Cream
  6. Olay Night Cream Natural White Fairness Night Moisturiser
  7. Biotique Bio Wheat Germ FIRMING FACE and BODY NIGHT CREAM
  8. Himalaya Herbals Revitalizing Night Cream
  9. Pond’s Age Miracle Wrinkle Corrector Night Cream
  10. The Body Shop Vitamin E Nourishing Night Cream

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ’s)

What ingredients do you need in a night cream?

While buying a night cream, make sure your cream includes retinol, alpha-hydroxy acids, hyaluronic acid, and Vitamin E. On the other hand, organic creams may come with natural ingredients like milk cream, olive oil, etc.

Can I leave milk on my face overnight?

Yes, milk is an excellent moisturizer, and you can keep it overnight on your face. It removes dryness, minimizes pigmentation, and hydrates skin.

When should I start using night cream?

You can start using a night cream when you experience any signs of aging. For example, if you have dry and dehydrated skin issues, start using it immediately.

What is the difference between night cream and moisturizer?

Night creams are more robust compared to moisturizers. Night creams nourish dry and dehydrated skin and aid in the skin renewal process by boosting collagen production. Moisturizers are just good enough to deal with dry and dehydrated skin. 

What are the side effects of night cream?

Typically night creams are safe, although they might create irritation if it comes into eye contact. Also, it might cause an allergic reaction if you have sensitive skin.

Do night creams work?

Typically your skin repairs itself while you sleep. Night cream not only moisturizes your skin but also promotes the production of collagen – a compound responsible for improving skin’s firmness, thus reducing wrinkles, fine lines, etc. The market is flooded with multipurpose night creams, and depending on your requirement, you can go for the one which is a perfect match for you, i.e., skin lightening night creams, anti-aging night creams, scar and dark spot removing night creams.

Are night creams good for the skin?

Yes, night creams have multiple benefits, from moisturizing your skin to promoting collagen production. It also fights wrinkles, fine lines and removes dark spots.

Do I need a night cream?

Skin repairs itself during the nighttime; hence a night cream can help the entire process, thus making your skin soft and supple.

The Most Famous Graphic Design Artist in India

The Most Famous Graphic Design Artist in India

1. ⚙ąřʝųn.Ćɧąųɖɧąřı⛓ [Artist] – Success is a worn down pencil.

  • Student of_sir.J.J.institute of applied art.mumbai
  • Success is a worn down pencil.
  • https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCunoBmvS8npcUZ10T-rJoCQ
  • https://www.instagram.com/arjuns_lifestyle/

2. Kalyani’s Canvas [Artist] – Dabbles in digital sometimes.

  • Traditional artist. 👩‍🎨
  • Daughter of the Most High God❤️
  • https://www.instagram.com/kalyanis_canvas/
Tips How To Impress A Man To Marry You in India

Tips How To Impress A Man To Marry You in India

Tips How To Impress A Man To Marry You in India

We all have that one special person that we think is a perfect match for us. Certainly, the best next step in such a great relationship is marrying that person. But marriage is a two-way business. And if you want a man to marry you, you’ll have to create a lasting impression on him with your personality.

To make this task easier, we have created the shortest to-do list on how to impress a man to marry you. So if you really want to impress your perfect match, keep reading!

Here is The Tips How To Impress A Man To Marry You:-

Ask when you don’t know

If you’re afraid to ask him something, how will he ever feel like he can truly communicate to you? Not only this, but if you never ask him the things you are curious about, you’ll often end up looking for answers on your own, which leads to assumptions.

Respect him

If he has boundaries, don’t cross them. If he values privacy in certain areas, observe it. If there is something you dislike about him, don’t go complaining to your family and girlfriends about it, behind his back. There are many examples, but the main point is that you RESPECT him, so that he can feel valued, appreciated, and upheld.

Understand your role

You might feel that it is hard to fully know your partner. It is in comfort and friendship that your man can start trusting you. So you just need to focus on these few key aspects of your relationship and a great friendship can lead to a great, long-lasting partner.

Accept responsibility in a fight

Every relationship has its moments where they are disagreements and fights. The difference between a healthy relationship that encourages a man to marry you, and an unhealthy marriage that pushes a man away is this: blame or responsibility.

Love yourself

True happiness can only be found from within. You might take this for granted but being yourself and letting your partner see the real you is always the best path to take. This will surely help avoid surprises for both him and you. And, of course, try to break the routine by enjoying life by yourself every once in a while.


Certainly, without realizing the true meaning and value of marriage, your man may never want to settle down. Make sure that you and your partner occasionally hang out with some of your married friends. Any happily married couple will make him see how much better settling down can be.

Be financially dependent

It can help a man to know that you aren’t going to take every last penny he has. Some men fear marriage, because they are afraid of losing all of their money (in a divorce, or even just because of a wife’s spending).


Be sure to keep communicating with your partner because as long as communication is possible, damage can be undone. And by communicating, you’re letting your partner realize their importance in your life. Obviously, if you don’t make an effort to help resolve issues, the negative aspects of your relationship will always outweigh the positive.

Trust him

Don’t be scared that he’s going to run off with some other woman, or that he’s lying to you about everything.

Surprise him

The element of surprise in a relationship keeps him interested and gives him a reason to stick around for the long run, because it shows that you still have lots left to offer that he doesn’t even know about.

Prove you are committed

Stay with him mentally, physically, and intimately no matter what.

Make healthy recipes at home for Navratri fasting, fatigue and weakness will remain away, immunity will be strong

Make healthy recipes at home for Navratri fasting, fatigue and weakness will remain away, immunity will be strong

Make healthy recipes at home for Navratri fasting, fatigue and weakness will remain away, immunity will be strong

The rules of Navratri fasting may vary but the basic premise is that the food during the fast should be healthy and light. Obviously, this festival is in the summer season, so fasting can also increase the risk of weakening the immune system. This is the reason why you should consume healthy things during fasting.

The festival of Navratri has started. It is a time for both fun and fasting. It is also called Chaitra Navratri. Navratri in Chaitra also known as Vasant Navratri and Ram Navratri will be celebrated this year from April 2 to April 10, 2022. During the festival of Navratri, nine forms of Goddess Durga are specially worshipped and fasted.

The rules of Navratri fasting may vary but the basic premise is that the food during the fast should be healthy and light. Fasting should mostly consist of things like buckwheat flour, singhara flour, nuts, fresh vegetables, fruits, milk, curd and makhana. Rock salt is used in place of salt.

Obviously, this festival is in the summer season, so fasting can also increase the risk of weakening the immune system. This is the reason why you should consume such healthy things during fasting, which will give strength to the body and keep you healthy.

Shake of Rajgira

For this, first soak the seeds of Rajgira in hot water. Heat a non stick pan, add 1 tbsp dried rajgira seeds to the hot pan. Peel and cut along with banana, strawberry and pomegranate. Cut dried figs, almonds and keep them aside. Add 1 to 2 tbsp curd, 5 tsp honey. Then make a layer of fruits. Later add dried figs, almonds.

Sago and Yogurt Shake

Sabudana is one of the better sources of carbohydrates. Sabudana contains a good amount of iron, a small amount of protein along with a good amount of calcium, vitamins and other minerals. Consuming 100 grams of sago can provide up to 350 calories with 85.5 grams of carbohydrates and 0.2 grams of protein. To make this, soak tapioca pearls in water for about 4 hours. After that boil it. Keep all the fruits ready and cut them. In a bowl, mix boiled sago with curd, fruits and nuts. Sprinkle honey over it.

Apples with Ramdana or Rajgira

You can prepare a perfect dish by mixing rajgira, apple and curd. This can easily be made at home. Apart from being delicious, it is highly nutritious as it contains nutrients like carbohydrates, fiber, protein, calcium, iron, vitamin B6 and magnesium in Rajgira seeds. About 100 grams of ripe Rajgira seeds provide 103 calories. It is also a good source of manganese and phosphorus.

Attention - Are your children not Manglik

Attention – Are your children not Manglik

Attention ! Are your children double Manglik…?

Panigrahan Sanskar is one of the main rites of the householder’s ashram, that is why parents should think deeply about the Manglik Dosh along with the Melapak thought in the horoscope of the bride and groom at the time of marriage. It has been seen many times that even after the end of Manglik Dosha, some astrologers do not give advice for marriage, whereas astrology is of the opinion that one of the Varkanyas should be Manglik and the other should not be Manglik, but if Manglik Dosh is avoided due to the influence of other planets. If it happens then there will be no problem in married life.

There is only one common formula for Manglik Dosh that ‘Lagne Vayaye Cha Patale Jamitre Chashtme Kuje. Kanya Bharturvinashay Bharta wife destroyed. That is, the presence of Mars in any of the first house, fourth house, seventh house, eighth house and twelfth house of the birth chart makes the horoscope auspicious. In Manglik horoscopes, if Mars is in Taurus or Libra in the first house, then it has a bad effect on the health of the person, such a person is angry, quarrelsome and stubborn, so take special care of Manglik Dosh related to this house.

If Mars is in the fourth house, it deprives the parents of happiness, it also has to face the opposition of the family members, but Mars of the self-housed or exalted zodiac becomes very auspicious by destroying the Manglik Dosh. The Manglik Dosh created by Mars in the seventh house should be discussed with great detail, because if Mars is in the karaka or enemy sign, then there will be a strong possibility of two marriages for the person, even here if they are self-occupied or exalted, then the person will provide all the happiness. We do.

Self-occupied or exalted Mars in the eighth house gives good health and longevity, but being in a debilitated or enemy zodiac sign increases the possibility of misery and loss of money in married life and Mars in Leo gives a life partner who speaks harsh words. Mars in the twelfth house indicates bitterness and destruction of wealth in married life, such a person incurs his loss by his own deeds. Even if he is self-possessed or exalted, it makes the person very ambitious, such a person can also be misguided. Therefore, there is an absolute need for deep contemplation on the horoscope of mangliks.

Birth Chart with double Manglik Dosha When Mars is in the house that creates its Manglik Dosh, it is also debilitated or if any malefic planet is sitting with it, then that birth chart becomes double Manglik Dosh, whose side effects increase, so much discussion Only after this Manglik birth charts should be considered for marriage.

Easy Avoidance of Manglik Dosh If the man’s birth chart is Manglik and the woman’s horoscope was in the same Manglik house, if there is Sun in anyone, then the birth chart becomes free from Manglik defect and marriage remains good. Similarly, if Mars is in the last house of Aries, in the fourth house of Scorpio, in the seventh house of Taurus, in the eighth house of Aquarius and in the twelfth house of Sagittarius, then there is no Manglik defect. If Jupiter is exalted and is in the ascendant, then the Manglik defect is avoided.

If Mars is sitting in the house in which the horoscope is considered auspicious, if Saturn is sitting in any of the same houses, then the Manglik defect is avoided and that marriage is considered auspicious. If there are benefic planets in the Kendra and trikona house and inauspicious planets in the third, sixth and eleventh house and the seventh lord is in the seventh house, then Manglik dosha is also avoided. If there is Mars in the seventh house and Jupiter is aspecting them, then the Manglik defect is also avoided.

If Jupiter and Mars are together or Moon is in Kendra, then Manglik Dosha gets destroyed. In Manglik house, even if Mars is in Chara Rashi, then Manglik Dosh is considered to be avoided. In the house which is called Manglik in the horoscope, if any of the planets Sun, Saturn, Rahu and Ketu are there in any horoscope, whether it is of manglik bride or groom, then Manglik dosha ends.

रिश्ता जोड़ने से पहले जान लेने वाली बातें

रिश्ता जोड़ने से पहले जान लेने वाली बातें

रिश्ता जोड़ने से पहले आप ये बातें जरूर जान लें कि :-

  • लड़के ने अपनी एजुकेशन और उम्र सही बताई है या नहीं ?
  • लड़के का अपना खुद का घर है या किराये का ?
  • लड़का सच में जॉब या बिज़नेस करता है या नहीं ?
  • लड़का किसी और के साथ सम्बन्ध में तो नहीं है ?
  • लड़का शारीरिक और मानसिक तौर पर ठीक है या नहीं ?
  • कहीं लड़का अपने माता पिता के दबाव में तो शादी नहीं कर रहा ?
  • लड़का रोज शराब, सिगरेट, या कोई नशा तो नहीं करता ?
  • लड़के के पडोसी और दोस्त उसके बारे में क्या कहते होंगे ?
  • लड़के पर कोई पुलिस केस तो नहीं चल रहा ?
  • आपकी होने वाली बहु या बीवी आपकी इज़्ज़त करेगी या नहीं ?
  • कहीं वो क्लब या पार्टी करने वाली लड़कियों में से तो नहीं ?
  • आपकी होने वाली बहु शराब या सिगरेट तो नहीं पीती ?
  • क्या वो आपके बेटे को आप सब से अलग तो नहीं कर देगी ?
  • कहीं वो उम्र में आपके बेटे से बड़ी तो नहीं है ?
ऐसे बहुत सारे सच जो शादी के बाद पता चलेंगे, आप आज ही पता लगाए और इस सच को पता लगाने में हम आपकी मदद करेंगे |

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You must know these things before adding a relationship

You must know these things before adding a relationship

Before adding a relationship, you must know these things that :-

There are many such truths that will be known after marriage, you will find out today and we will help you to find out this truth.

  1. Has the boy given his education and age correct or not?
  2. Does the boy have his own house or rent?
  3. Does the boy really do job or business or not?
  4. Is the boy in a relationship with someone else?
  5. Is the boy physically and mentally fit or not?
  6. Is the boy getting married under the pressure of his parents?
  7. The boy does not drink alcohol, cigarettes, or any intoxicant every day?
  8. What would the boy’s neighbors and friends say about him?
  9. Is there any police case going on against the boy?
  • Will your future daughter-in-law or wife respect you or not?
  • Isn’t she one of the club or party girls?
  • Does your future daughter-in-law not drink alcohol or cigarettes?
  • Won’t she separate your son from all of you?
  • Is he not older than your son in age?
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