Complete Background Verification Service

Complete Background Verification Service

Complete Background Verification Service in Delhi – INDIA

Matrimony Indians believes that marriage is the strongest institution that makes two lives beautiful. For this once-in-a-lifetime moment, we provide Complete Matrimonial, Matrimony, Shaadi and Marriage Background Verification Service.

With the fast-changing world and its norm love marriages are becoming the new trend and so are divorces taking place in love marriages. Background checks are becoming essential for marriages to last long. 

We provide complete background verification like:

Financial Status and Family Reputation

The difference in financial status has a huge impact on the way of living and lifestyle. A family’s reputation in society speaks about their conduct towards other people. Families provide incorrect information about their Financial Status which gets exposed after marriage only when families can not do anything and couples suffer in between.

Job /Business /Qualification /Age Verification

A glorious career is essential for financial security. Correct Qualification and Age help find a desirable partner with preferred educational background and age group. It aids to know the person better.

Verification of Owned or Rented Property

Verification of owned or rented property must be done to calculate the assets possessed by the family which again provides financial security for future holdings. Families who are staying on Rent and pretend as if they have their own one, so Verification of Property is Must.

Personal Behaviour of Family in Society

We believe that one’s behavior in society and person reflects a lot about their upbringing and their attitude and thoughts towards others. This must be checked for better bonding and understanding. Personal Behavior can be one of the major reason of divorce.

Criminal Record of Family

Criminal record checks would help avoid getting hitched with someone of undesirable traits and behaviour.

Alcohol/Smoking/Drugs Addiction/ Domestic Violence

A person who is obsessed with certain habits would find it almost impossible to leave the addiction and would attract his partner towards the addiction leading to an unimagined and unhealthy lifestyle. Most of the Females file divorce due to increasing rate of domestic violence because of  Incomplete Background Check.

If any Family doesn’t want to get verified, There are 99% chances that Family surely hiding many things. Please do not get into the trap of families in case of Love or Arrange Marriages.

Background Check is Necessary in Love Marriages

Background Check is Necessary in Marriages?

Background Check is Necessary in Marriages?

With the fast-changing world and its norm love marriages are becoming the new trend and so are divorces taking place in love marriages. Background checks are becoming essential for marriages to last long. 

Wondering what points to consider for background check? This might help:

Financial Status and Reputation of the family

Financial status and reputation later in life create a rift due to differences in lifestyle. The reputation of the family in society also reflects one’s financial status.

Age Verification and Educational Qualification

These factors are often neglected and become a potential reason for issues in marriages later on. People belonging to the same educational qualifications would have the same interests. People belonging to the same age group share similar likes and dislikes and have views towards life.

Personal Behaviour

One’s behaviour in society and person reflects a lot about their upbringing and their attitude and thoughts towards others. Thus, this might be checked for better bonding.

Criminal Record

Criminal record checks would help avoid getting hitched with someone of undesirable traits and behaviour. 

Addition to Drugs/Alcohol/Smoking

A person who is obsessed with certain habits would find it almost impossible to leave the addiction and would attract his partner towards the addiction leading to an unimagined and unhealthy lifestyle.

These are some of the keys factors one must consider while having a background check. And these factors explain why it is essential to have a background check in love marriage. After all, marriages are only once-in-a-lifetime moments and the strongest institution for two happy lives.

Make a list and put it right before getting hitched!

Getting married? Have you carried a background check?

Marriage is the most awaited celebration for any person. It is the biggest day of life that dominates how your future will shape up. But if you are sure that you are marrying the right person, there’s nothing that can come in your way of happiness. A lifelong promise to look after each other requires that kind of confidence & faith in each other. Therefore, it is essential to do a background check before saying ‘I do’.

Why to investigate before wedding?

Pre-marital investigation has become a trend more so in today’s time when most marriages are ending up in divorce. Whether yours is an arrange marriage or a love marriage, there’s no reason why you should skip pre-matrimonial enquiry. Background checks will only make sure that you are getting into the right relation that will stand by you in thick & thin. Many personal investigation agency in Delhi, INDIA provides such discrete investigation services.

Reasons for Increasing Divorce Rate in India

Reasons for Increasing Divorce Rate in India

Increasing Divorce Rate in India 

According to the report by United Nations, it has been revealed that the number of divorces has been doubled over the past two decades.

Furthermore, the worldwide pandemic situation has created a new work-from-home culture and it has brought families together but it has also increased the divorce rate in India.

The most common reasons for divorce or separation are the following:


The lack of work, not having reached the dreamed goals, pending accounts, etc., makes many of the couples think that if each one lives separate lives and starts over, everything will be different. But really what happens is that this behavior carries over to the next relationship.

Relations with in-laws

Nearly 68% of married couple stays with the parents. As they say, marriage in India is with families. While the families can help sustain a marriage, they also are the root cause of divorce in many cases. The degrading relations within laws often lead to divorce. The most common cause being the relation between mother in law and daughter in law.

When the relations worsen and become toxic, marriages dissolve. There are many cases where extreme involvement from a girl’s family has resulted in divorce.


As the years go by, one becomes more maniacal, one sleeps in separate rooms, daily habits become more and more annoying. It is very convenient to find and respect the limits of each one to overcome the situation.

A Bad Beginning

On many occasions the phase of falling in love is charming, one sees the other part of the couple as one would like it to be and not as it really is. The problem is that sooner or later one must face the harsh reality.

When love really exists there are no guarantees for good or bad, it is like a lottery if you are lucky you win.

Professional Competence

The ideal is to function as a true team of couples and be clear about the personal project, leaving aside who of the two has the most important position, who earns the best salary, or who has more professional recognition.

But, if you’ve been looking for Matchmaking Services that can help you remarry, we can help you out. At http://www.matrimonyindians.com/, We offer best and genuine matchmaking services to our clients by helping them find their perfect life partners. We have profiles for everyone, regardless of their age. Besides, we kind of specialize in second marriages (Divorce Shaadi). We firmly believe that everyone should have a fair chance at happiness. Your previous marriage status should not affect your future.
Features of Pre Matrimonial Investigation by the Best Private Detectives

Features of Pre Matrimonial Investigation by the Best Private Detectives

Features of Pre Matrimonial Investigation by the Best Private Detectives

Should you hire a good private detective for your investigations, certain things are guaranteed.

Accurate Information

A good private detective will always provide you with the most accurate information regardless of how devastating it is. Withholding information to soften the blow of the news only jeopardizes the investigation in the longer run.

Keep the Client’s Information Confidential

Secondly, a good private detective will never breach the client’s confidentiality. Your identity will always remain in safe hands with them even after the investigation is over. That means while the investigation about the subject is done in the neighbor, office, etc; the detective should not reveal the information about the client.

Need limited information for the investigation

Thirdly, Any good private detective will always require a very limited amount of information on the subject for the investigation and carry out the whole investigation based on their merit. Moreover, many detective agencies will always try to charge you more than necessary and try to talk you into paying for a detective service that is unnecessary to your need, a good detective agency will always nudge you into making correct decisions that suit your best interests.

To sum up, marriages have always been a complicated affair, and with the advent of online matrimonial websites and a more individualistic approach towards marriage, the chances of getting hitched to a person with a complicated past can inadvertently lead to problems for you and your family in the longer run.

Thus, a better approach to decide on a partner before committing to them for life is a pre-matrimonial investigation by the best private detectives in Delhi. Not only a private detective can assure an extensive check into your partner’s background, but they can also ensure that your partner isn’t involved in any illicit activities or isn’t just plainly scamming you for you and your family’s wealth. With a good private detective agency, you can be assured that you and your family are in safe hands.
How Does Pre Matrimonial Investigation Works

How Does Pre Matrimonial Investigation Works

How Does Pre Matrimonial Investigation Works

Transparency and truth are the foundations of any stable relationship. Unfortunately, with online dating and matrimonial websites, defrauding and keeping secrets from a partner is common nowadays. Barring, online matrimonial frauds, plenty of cases have arisen even in arranged marriages where huge secrets such as criminal records, exaggerated financial assets, high debts, even cases of adultery from the partner have surfaced after years of marriage. Pre Matrimonial investigation helps you verify the facts and information provided by the subject. It ensures that your potential partner has a clean record and is transparent with you.

Before taking a life long decision of marrying someone you should be cent per cent sure about your partner. Since the late 1990s, there has been a major shift as to how people get married in India. Earlier the families used to find a suitable partner within their social circles, now with online dating and matrimonial websites, finding a partner has become more individualistic. Also, if any fraudster is trying to defraud you, he/she might be expert in doing it. Thus, it would be hard for you to figure out his/her evil intentions. Such factors have made pre matrimonial investigation by a private detective more important.

Why Would You Need a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation?

In the face of these changing times, we are susceptible to more problems now more than ever, such as:

Any False Information Given

With the advent of online matrimonial websites, a certain degree of security has been compromised and has left us vulnerable to being kept in the dark with false information given by the partner. False information to which we are vulnerable mainly includes, the partner having a second family, information about a profession or financial assets, and in some cases, even the identity given by the person is entirely fiction, etc. False information is usually given by the partner to rob you of your precious assets like money, property, jewelry, etc. A pre-matrimonial investigation should be conducted if there is any sort of doubt arising regarding the behavior of your prospective partner. An investigation like this will help you prevent any damage that you might be vulnerable to.

Information Withheld under False Pretenses

Cases where information is withheld from you under false pretenses or quite common. Withheld information can include, former crime records, a drug or alcohol addiction, high debts, etc. Information like this is usually withheld because it endangers the entirety of the bond itself. In the long run, this type of information can endanger the lives of both spouses legally and financially. So it becomes imperative to know this information before committing to a relationship that can jeopardize your future. A pre-matrimonial investigation can go a long way to help you in situations like these with a background check uncovering any potential problems you might encounter in the future.

Elements of a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

The scope of every pre-matrimonial investigation shares some common elements:

Positive Identification of the Subject

Positive identification of the subject is an essential part of every pre-matrimonial investigation. It covers the basic information about the subject. It covers the name, age, profession, place of residence, etc. In an age where online matrimonial and dating sites are very common, false information about the age, profession, and identity are quite common. 

Financial Status

Cases, where a person lies about his/her financial status to entice others or simply just to project himself as wealthy to a rich family, are a very real possibility. Usually, in cases like these, a person projects themselves as rich in order to gain acceptance in an affluent household and exploit their money and resources. In a pre-matrimonial investigation, a thorough financial assessment of the subject is done to prevent any exploitation of wealth in the future.

Medical Status

The medical status check is another important area in a pre-matrimonial investigation. A situation where a person lies about a very serious underlying physical condition just because of the fear of losing the relationship has a very real chance of happening. These medical status checks not only to cover physical ailments but mental afflictions as well. If the subject is hiding the fact that he/she is suffering from a serious mental disorder, a private investigator can uncover it so that you aren’t in the dark about the person you’re going to commit to.

Bad habits such as drinking, smoking, gambling, etc

Another important area in pre-matrimonial investigations is whether the subject is a heavy drug user or an alcohol addict or not. In an age where online matrimonial is the norm, it’s very easy for a person to hide their dependencies and addictions from their partner. A drug or alcohol addiction often leads to a very toxic relationship and even results in domestic abuse. A pre-matrimonial investigation can help you prevent any incidents like these which might affect your future and married life.

Criminal Background Check

A thorough check on the subject’s background related to any criminal behaviour, jail terms, legal violations is essential in a pre-matrimonial investigation. If the subject has a record of criminal behaviour, it may cause you a huge problem in the future if you commit to them. A private investigator will help you uncover any crimes of your partner which you are unaware of.

Process of a Pre-Matrimonial Investigation

The way pre-matrimonial investigations are conducted varies to the needs of specific clients. However, some things are common to every investigation. It starts with the basic identification of the subject to confirm whether they are speaking the truth about their identity or not. A simple check from any of their identity proofs like driver’s license, Aadhaar card is enough for their identification check. With the information of the identification in hand, a check for any previous aliases, criminal records, previous debts, etc can be done. If anything suspicious is found in their criminal or debt records, an external investigation can be done, where the subject’s day-to-day activities can be monitored. If the subject is lying about his/her job, residence, any past relationship, affair or involved in any illegal activity like adultery or any other illicit activities like drug trading, extensive alcohol consumption, etc, the client will be informed with immediate effect. Extensive investigations like these can always help clear any future contentions that may arise and keep the client’s family out of harm’s way.

Importance of Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Importance of Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Importance of Pre Matrimonial Investigation

Trust is the foundation of every happy and healthy relationship. For a successful marriage, you must ensure that you know everything about your partner and family background before getting married. If any small or big secret is found after getting married, be it related to past, family problem, illness, financial situation etc. it can lead to stress, disputes and even divorce in some cases. Ultimately, it’s a matter of whole life and you would like to be cent per cent sure before taking any decision. In such cases, hiring a detective agency for Pre Matrimonial Investigation can be a smart choice.

In case of arrange marriage or even love marriage when families of potential partners don’t know about each other. There’s always some insecurity and people try to do informal background checks.

Pre Matrimonial investigation by professionals provides you security of mind by ensuring that you are marrying the right person without revealing your identity. In poor cases, it can save you from an upcoming disaster in your life.

There are two ways of doing Pre Matrimonial Investigation. One way is a general enquiry about the prospectus partner about character, financial and social status, education qualifications, past marriages, habits etc. Another way is taking the potential partner into a surveillance or shadowing their daily outdoor activities.

Here is the list of major facts that you should get Pre Matrimonial Investigation done about your potential partner before getting married:

Background Check

Pre Matrimonial Investigation helps you know the daily routine, habits, social circle and your potential partner’s image in the society. A basic character of a person is investigated in this.

Social and financial status of the family

In India, it is believed that marriage is not just between the Groom and the Bride. It is also between two families. Therefore, knowing the reputation of the family in society is very important. It is also important to verify that the Bio-Data of your potential partner is accurate. Investigation helps you to know the total sum of assets and debts on the family. You need to be sure that family you are tying up with is in no debt.

Past Relationship/present affair

Investigation helps you to find out if your potential partner is having an affair while looking for a partner to marriage or any past relationship which can effect yours after marriage life. In some cases, it happens that parents are looking for a partner for their child and your potential partner is in another relationship or any past relationship still have any effect on your potential partner’s life.

Any physical/mental illness

If any major illness is discovered in a partner after marriage or any issue with mental health or behavioural problem is caught it can cause a  life long problem to you and relationship won’t be compatible enough. Pre Matrimonial Investigation has proven methods to find these crucial details out.

Alcohol/Drug Habits

No one would tell you before marriage if he/she is addicted to any drug or alcohol as it would cause a bad impression but discovery of such truth after marriage may discomfort you. Investigation of such truth before marriage is very crucial.

Any Criminal Record

Before making a life long bond with anyone it is important to be sure that the potential partner has a clean criminal record. This is ensured by us by investigating through various methods such as investigating in the neighbourhood and checking various official records.

Past Marriage and reason for divorce

In case of a second marriage, there might be a possibility that your potential partner is hiding the reason for divorce. Knowing the right reason is important as the same reason may also effect your marriage in the future. Investigation in the neighborhood, court, with lawyers and through various other sources is done to verify the information provided by your potential partner. Sometimes, the ex-partner is also contacted to know the reason.

Transparency in marriage is very important to maintain a peaceful and stable life long relationship. Pre Matrimonial Investigation ensures trust and security in marriage. Matrimonial sites such as matrimonyindians.com, matrimonialindians.com etc are very good in finding the partner but the information provided is needed to be verified and trust is needed to be built as potential partners and their family doesn’t have any common connection or know each other. Without proper investigation, marriage becomes a gamble.

5 Signs That You Need A Post Matrimony Investigation

5 Signs That You Need A Post Matrimony Investigation

5 Signs That You Need A Post Matrimony, Matrimonial Investigation

Marriage is considered a sacred bond throughout the global community. However, when the glitz and glamour of marriage rituals and the rose-tinted essence of the honeymoon period is over, things can take an uncanny turn. Although quarrels and bickering amongst conjugal partners are quite normal, too much of it can lead to an invisible distancing too hard to be broken. At times, even fights don’t lead to it. While infidelity in post-marriage may be one of the highest cases for a divorce, there might be other issues as well such as sexual orientation, arranged marriage, etc. that may leave your marriage cold.

So, if you are wondering, here are 5 tell-tale signs that point at post matrimonial investigation for your marriage.

1. Change in Phone Usage Patterns

This may sound silly, but using too much phones, taking or making calls behind your back, always being active on chats but not responding to you, deleting chats, installing new phone locks and being shady about telling you the password can all be red alerts for you to take the help of a private investigator. Being in a conjugal relationship, it is your right to know the truth so never hesitate or shy away from asking for help from a private investigator. At least through their end-to-end assistance you may get the closure you were looking for in your marriage.

2. Telling Lies

One of the most common signs that you may need the help of private investigators for a post-matrimonial investigation is that your spouse turns into a compulsive liar. They may not only be lying about missing your call but even their whereabouts, who they meet, communicate with, and practically their entire day. Soon they may even lie to you about how they feel about you. Their expressions of affection may become just a facade for what they are really concealing.

3. Long Working Hours

This is a classic red flag which demands your attention. If your partner often gives you excuses of working long hours or going to frequent business trips, chances are they are lying and you should look into it. And while your access may only be their social media profile or their phones, it’s best to consult a private investigation service who can help you with the right data via deeper insights, surveillance and undercover services. That way, you will get the answers you seek faster and also from reliable sources.

4. Lack of Intimacy

Lack of intimacy in a conjugal relationship is a significant sign of your partner’s disinterest towards you. And this may be due to several reasons which lie beyond infidelity.

For instance, in a society like India where even now children are betrothed to partners chosen by parents and honour killing is somehow prevalent, there are many individuals who do get married just to avoid the chaotic and drastic confrontation with their parents.

So, even after marrying you, they may still be in love with their previous lover or may simply not be in love with you. Another factor is they may be concealing their sexual orientation. But, whatever the reason, it does not mean that you would have to suffer in an unsatisfactory marriage. So, if there is a lack of sexual intimacy in your relationship, it is best to get a post matrimonial investigation to get to the bottom of what is going on.

5. Giving The Cold Shoulder

If your partner is turning cold towards you, understand that there is nothing wrong with you but they are having certain things under wraps. If your person is behaving as if nothing is wrong and yet purposefully ignoring any communication except general pleasantries or telling you to lock the door behind them, etc. then they may be finding that particular affection and communication somewhere else. So, instead of breaking your head on why they are giving you the cold shoulder or whether you have done something wrong, seek post matrimonial investigation of a licensed private detective who can bring you the answers you seek.

Final Thoughts

You want to get married only when you are in for the long haul. But when your partner starts demonstrating suspicious characteristics or even rude behavior just to avoid you, understand that there must be things in their life you don’t have control over or are not conscious of.

And the more you choose to stay in such marriage due to social conformity or even family, the unhappier you will be. So, at times like this, when you cannot even trust the person closest to you, seek the assistance and guidance of a private investigator who would not help you gain more clarity but also may even help with legal separation or divorce.

Manglik Dosha and How it Affected India’s Favourite Couple

Manglik Dosha and How it Affected India’s Favourite Couple

Manglik Dosha and How it Affected India’s Favourite Couple

Vedic astrology plays an integral role in Indian culture, in Bollywood even more so. The Aishwarya – Abhishek marriage was the talk of the town, for this same exact reason.

It is a commonly known fact that when Mars is positioned in the 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th house from the Moon means that the native is affected with the Manglik Dosha. It is commonly feared that marrying someone under this condition leads to premature death or end of marriage and often feared.

The Bollywood fraternity in general is very conscious of astrological connotations and chooses to make the correct decisions at all times to ensure no hindrances in projects. The same goes for marriage. One of the most popular matrimonial unions that were brought into the limelight because of astrological hindrances was that among the two most popular celebrities in Bollywood history.

The marriage of the most beautiful woman on earth Aishwarya Rai with prodigal son of Amitabh Bachan, Abhishek Bachan I was not only the talk of the town about socialites but also among expert astrologers. It was believed that the Manglik Dosha was a major reason behind the delay of this union.

While the media began to focus on predicting the longevity of the marriage, the Bachan’s and the Rai family did all they could to rectify this condition. The couple visited the Kashi Vishwanath Temple for the shanti of this dosha. It is believed that the girl dressed in full bridal attire would first be married to an urn in a close room in the presence of her parents. The urn would then be broken to signify her widowhood. Having addressed the Manglik Dosha, it is believed that the upcoming marriage will be a successful one.

It has now been 4 years since the famous marriage took place, and this association has definitely had a positive impact on the couple.

  1. The homecoming of Aishwarya into the Bachan household has proved to be very beneficial for the Bachan name.
  2. With several professionally successful hits, the ABCL production house overcame all their financial dues.
  3. A sluggish career for Abhishek saw a sudden turn with hits like Guru and Dostana.
  4. Everything said and done, the Bachan family is considered the first family of Bollywood today.

The moral of the story is that the first family of Bollywood very tactfully managed their astrological problems and worked their way around creating for themselves a happy and harmonious life.

Benefits of India Matrimony Sites Paid Services

India Matrimony Sites Paid Services Benefits

Benefits of India Matrimony Sites Paid Services

Almost every Indian brides or grooms who is of marriageable age and is looking for a potential life partner today, chooses to register with an Indian Matrimonial Website. One can decide to register on different websites depending on their requirement and their expectations of out a life partner. There are also many generic websites which cater to a larger audience or group of Indian brides and grooms, thus letting you browse through thousands of profiles to find that one person with whom you would want to spend the rest of your life with.

As a registrant, you will avail access to a wide range of database that consists of other potential brides and grooms as well as the ability to send out automated messages to profiles that you find interesting. If you wish to avail services beyond this, you are required to opt for the paid or premium service that further gives to access to a range of features that makes your initiative to find a partner for life much easier.

What Will I Get as a Paid Registrant?

If you decide to opt for the premium services of any Indian matrimony site, this is the list of benefits that you are likely to receive –

Personalized Messaging

With paid services come the ability to send and receive personalized messages to and from other registrants. This will help you informally interact with other profiles more before you decide to take the next step.

Instant Messaging

You can also make use of the instant messaging and chat features that facilitate further communication and open doors to getting to know other single brides or grooms.

Protected Profiles

Some Indian matrimonial websites also allow you to share limited information with other registrants and increase access as and when you are comfortable with the people who see your profile. You can protect your photos etc., to make sure it is not being misused by fraudulent profiles.

Horoscope Matching

You can avail services such as Kundli Matching which allow you to understand before-hand if your horoscopes are matching and if your union will be compatible or not.

Expanded Views

As a paid member you will also be able to gain access to additional information of the profiles you are browsing thus making it easier for you to conduct a background check on the profiles before you choose to contact them or initiate a conversation.

Additionally, some Indian Matrimonial Website also choose to offer supplementary services such as wedding planning which makes the entire gamut of getting married so much simpler and less stressful. Opting for a premium membership on any website can benefit you in more ways than you can imagine. In addition to giving you access to other potential brides and grooms who belong to a range of ethnicities and professional backgrounds, you can also make use of these additional features to help make the correct decision for your future.


It is definitely beneficial to register with an Indian marriage site, but what’s even better is to opt for the paid services which open doors a range of features and applications which help in making the right choice for life.

The Perfect Age To Get Married

The Perfect Age To Get Married

The Perfect Age To Get Married

Science and logic explain that 28 – 32 Age is actually the best age to tie the knot. If you are wondering why and how, well, we have some reasons to furnish.

Tasting the Buffet

By the time you reach the age of 28 – 32 you have eaten 3 course meal of promiscuity and monogamy. You have dated a lot and by now you know what you like and dislike in your partner. This gives you the ability to make a good choice and make sure your relationship doesn’t get sour.

Ain’t no place like home

Urban India’s real estate pricing is sky rocketing. However the good thing is, Indians are getting into job by 24 or 25 years of age. So going by the equation, by 28 – 32 men at least own a home of their own or earn well to afford a good home. And also by this time, one knows what he wants to do in life and where to get settled.


The first five years of any career need some serious head-down focus. The addition of another person, sharing your life, will inevitably detract from that tunnel-versioned ambition. After 28 – 32, you’re more likely to have a solid grip of your expertise and succeed in a bifocal approach to life. You never want to be the guy who has to admit your career killed your relationship.

Know yourself better

After you join your job, you start understanding your passion and perseverance. You can be a better judge of everyday situations when you pass 28. Going by passion, people get married in their early 20s, only to realize it’s not working out after 30s.

Widen the age gap

As women on average marry at a younger age than men, which means blessed age gaps. The larger age gap means you are less likely to have a mid-life crisis at 60, buy a Bentley and trade wife in for a younger model. So by staving off marriage, you’re saving yourself from divorce. It’s really very clever.

Bed bound honeymoon

Men worry that sex dwindles immediately after tying the knot. But if you’re marrying a sweetheart of a similar age, shortly after 28 – 32, your nuptials will coincide with her sexual peak, ensuring a deliciously bed-bound honeymoon.

Extended lone time

You can finally make your friends with their wives jealous. Plan a few backpack tours to Latin America and African coastline.

So do all your prioritized tasks by 28 – 32. Once you are done with them, it’s finally time for you to ring the bells.

Family time

Once the ring is on the finger you have no defense when families start interrogating you about when you’re planning on having kids. Because, quite simply, it’s the Next Step. Daniel, 28 – 32 and father of two said, “We got married at 26 and two years later buckled. I obviously love them and don’t regret having them but I could have done with a few… a lot.. more years of not worrying about nappies.”

Wedding plans

If you have the first wedding out of all your friends, you set the bar — and anyone can supersede it. Marriage after 30 means you’ve learnt from the mistakes of others and can now throw the blow-out wedding of a century (or decide you’d rather spend those thousands elsewhere).

You’ve been professionally living your social life for an extended period so you KNOW how to party. Any organizational glitches — like family breakdowns over budgeting and you can call your mates to tell you “It’s normal if the bride cries once a week in the 9 month run-up to the event.”

You won’t repeat mistakes of your divorced friends

Couples, who got married at a ripe age of 20s, have a chance of getting divorced within 6-7 years of marriage. So you would get enough time to cheer them up and understand what went wrong. You are not only confident, but know well, how to save your marriage.